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Blogging is work, believe it or not. It’s a full-time job for most people, but as a student, this is just a hobby. Most of the time my brain is clouded with thoughts about uni or let’s be real, boys, and I find it hard to come up with ideas for content. I don’t have outfit posts because I’m a college student who spends all of her money on food from Trader Joe’s instead of hiring a photographer, and most bloggers promote products and new buys; the most exciting thing I buy is food or a new book, but that’s not exactly post-worthy. Whenever I’m stuck in an inspiration rut, I look to these bloggers for ideas. Whether it’s products I need to try, outfit ideas, travel inspiration, or relatable posts, they always spark some creativity in me.

I did a post like this a year ago, but I thought I should update it since most of the bloggers I used to follow basically fell off the face of the Internet. Since living in London last year, I’ve been religiously following the lives and shenanigans of British bloggers. They all have fringe, rock the most amazing Topshop or ASOS outfits, and give me serious FOMO. Now that I think about that, all of these bloggers are British expect two (what can I say, I’m British at heart). If you want to follow some relatable, funny, honest fashion and lifestyle bloggers, continue reading below.

Megan Ellaby is my favorite blogger at the moment. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a long time and found her blog early this year and fell in love. Megan has the coolest style I’ve seen in a while; she wears mostly high street items like Topshop and a few designer items but overall most of her outfits have affordable pieces. She could wear any outfit and I’ll immediately want it. She’s funny, stylish, and it’s refreshing to follow a blogger who isn’t based in London. She also has a Youtube channel, which I adore.

I just discovered Chloe and her lifestyle blog. She has beautiful, original content as well as pieces thank encourage readers to think. She covers a range of topics, such as technology, the blogging-sphere, fashion, travel, and all-things lifestyle. What I love most about her is her honesty and reliability. She shares real thoughts and doesn’t make her life look perfect, which a lot of bloggers do. If you need a dose of inspiration in your life, make sure to check out her musings.

Alix has made quite the name for herself in the blogging world - everyone blogger I follow can’t get enough of her posts. She isn’t the most active blogger (she took a hiatus from July until December) but her posts are high quality. She covers mostly fashion and beauty, but occasionally has food, travel and lifestyle content. I love looking into her luxurious life and seeing what she’s up to on her Youtube channel.

If you need home decor inspiration, Kate is your girl. I can’t wait to have my own permanent apartment so I can decorate it like Kate’s (her office space is gorgeous). She posts regularly (about three times a week) and I’m always exciting to see what content she’s curated. During the holidays she had the best gift guides for everyone in your life, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll get up to in 2018.

Beth has only been blogging for a year but you would’ve thought it’d been more. I’ve been following her since the beginning, when she had a different blog name and only a thousand or so followers on Instagram. Over the course of a year she’s become an established London blogger and has countless followers. She posts personal, funny, real Instagram captions (“over sharing” as she calls it). I love how her personality is alive in her posts and how she was truly become a staple in the London blogging-sphere.

Poppy has one of the most gorgeous blogs. She has an impeccable layout, theme and content. She shares delicious recipes, her beauty favorites, and I need to raid her closet ASAP. I found Poppy since she’s friends with Youtuber Zoella, and have been a fan ever since. Her blog pictures are stunning and her posts are upbeat and cheerful.

Charlotte is a Glasgow-based Scottish lifestyle blogger who’s blog I just found a week ago and I’ve stopped reading ever since. She shares a bunch of things to do in Glasgow, fashion finds, and beauty favorites. Her blog is colorful just like her, and I can’t wait for her to post more this year.

I’m always wanting to know what Oliva has done. To say the least, I love her blog. I first found Olivia on Twitter, and since then I’ve been reading her musings on her blog. I love seeing where she’s travelled, what she’s wearing, and during the holidays, reading her gift guides. I’ll definitely be keeping up with her during the next year.

If you ever need advice for how to set up a blog and take good photos, head to Corrie’s blog. I personally love her posts about how to take better blog photos and flatlays, but she also has cute outfit inspiration and beauty ideas. She’s a great resource for bloggers and all-things lifestyle.

New to London or going on holiday there? Make sure to read Kelly’s posts about the best restaurants, spas and hotels. She’s an American living in the UK and a huge foodie. She’s always sharing local favorites, day trips, and her life. Reading her blog makes me miss London more than I know, but I’ll continue reading to get more inspiration for my trip in the Spring and my summer in the city.

Allie has everything you could want in a blog: travel guides, fashion, honesty and stunning photos. I love looking at her travel photos and getting travel inspiration, or reading about how to update a home. If you love posts with loads of photos and life lessons, this blog is for you.

And lastly, Abbie’s blog Blush and Noise. I love how she wears bold prints and stripes and rocks every outfit. I love her honest confessions about being a twenty-something and hearing about her life at university. She always has great beauty recommendations and fashion finds for every reader. Keep on doing what you’re doing, babe.

So that’s my roundup of all my favorite bloggers at the moment. I did realize halfway through writing this that these are mostly all British fashion bloggers, but what can I say? I’m a Brit at heart. Who’re you favorite bloggers? Comment below xx

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