A Very Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

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Finals are over, the holidays are here, and if you, like me, haven’t even thought about buying presents, then this guide is for you. With a week left until Christmas and the festivities have already begun, it might be time to face the clock and finally buy a few presents (especially for your mom) with the few dollars you have left.

Some people (probably my mom) finished all their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, but if you're lazy and broke, you might need a few last minute ideas. I've included gifts for all the people in your life, from parents to friends to boyfriends and bosses and everything in-between. Did I just remind you to get your boss a present before you leave the office on Friday? You're welcome. Here you'll find affordable gifts (alright, maybe a few splurges) for everyone and anyone.

You know this person. They’re always on Instagram and Twitter and will drive in an hour of traffic just to take a picture in a hot cafe or in front of a trendy wall. They might run a blog (uh, like me), or just be fashion-forward and obsessed with social media. Whatever it is, here are a few gifts to order ASAP.

To help them get focused and tune out people while they work at a coffee shop or type away on their laptop on the tube (it's dedication), try these Ava Wireless Headphones, which are modern and sleek. If those won't do, you can't go wrong with candles. Boy Smells are incredible, and not to mention, the packaging is amazing.

If she wants to step up her style game, get her this beret to make a statement. And for her flat lays and blogging ideas, these adorable notebooks. Make sure she stays up with the latest It-Girls by gifting her Alexa Chung's book, It. What more could a blogger want?

If your friend is a feminist (as well all should be), get her this coffee table book. To make sure your best friend stays hydrated in style, get her a millennial pink S'well water bottle. Another idea is an And Other Stories striped shirt to make her look oh-so-French and stylish, or maybe some funky earrings. Make sure she knows her worth and get her Rupi Kaur's poetry book, Milk and Honey, but if she already has that and is currently going through a breakup, try Flux by Orion Carloto.

This is your best friend we're talking about -- time to go all out. Make sure she stays cozy in this millennial, or this ruffle dress number from Madewell.

I think the best bet here is to go with fancy chocolates. It shows you thought of them, put in an effort, but didn't get personal -- gotta keep with the status quo. But if you want something more, try some stationary sets, or if your boss always has their headphones and chargers tangled, get them this. Lastly, hand lotion is always a great idea, especially from Aesop. But if your boss is always complaining about how she drinks too much coffee, get her some tea. You can’t go wrong with a tea sampler from David’s Tea -- it’s affordable, smart, and tasty.

She's ready to party. Let's cut to the chase (no chasers needed here). Get her some cute retro shot glasses so she can get the evening started, or a pint glass for when she's cracking a cold one with the girls. If she's overwhelmed with all the new glassware she's about to get, try a cute champagne keychain.  But if she has no idea how to make a drink, try this book. To help her really get the party started, splurge on this Crosley and get nostalgic as you play some Stevie Nicks.

She probably already has everything. She's a VIP at Sephora and gets all of the newest beauty items the day they come out. Treat her with something different. Get her Jo Malone perfume and make her feel posh. Maybe get a Glamglow kit and make her skin feel fresh, and have her finish her face mask with Glossier moisturizing primer and Glossier face serums. Now, this list wouldn't be complete without some Fenty Beauty. Get her the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio and she's always have a perfect contour and highlight. Make sure she always feels amazing with this Frank Body coffee scrub, or if her acne is acting up and she's always complaining, treat her with this cult beauty fave, an Indian Healing Clay face mask. Make her feel pampered this holiday season with any of these beauty items and her skin will thank you.

It's scary when your friends start to get married and you can't even land a date -- I'm talking about myself here. Let's face it: young adults getting married are broke and probably just want money, but make sure to get them something they can use and that will be great in their new studio apartment. His and hers mugs are perfect for newly weds. For when they host events, a DIY couple's cheese board is a perfect party piece. Maybe a little love poetry might be what she needs? Try some Pablo Neruda, and pair it with a fleece throw blanket to make the new home feel cozy.  

She's cool without even trying. She does whatever she wants, drinks matcha lattes and travels. She's basically an It girl but that title is too pretentious for a girl who doesn't give a care in the world. She rarely wears a bra, but if she wants to spice things up, maybe get her this cute bralette from And Other Stories. If that's not her thing, make sure everyone knows her head's always in the sky with these Madewell star earrings.

Or maybe some Glossier - it's a cult favorite for a reason. The Phase II set has everything to get her started; lipstick, concealer, and Boybrow. If makeup isn't her thing, let her look forward to her next adventure with this calendar.

I only have to shop for one guy every year at Christmas (my Dad, though I wish I could say it was some cute, brooding British boy), but I find him very hard to shop for. I mean, what do you get for the guy that already has everything? This year, my sister had a great idea for what to get our dad. A Tile. No, not a floor tile. It's for when you lose your phone, wallet or keys. It's connected to whatever item you want and connects to your phone so you can always find whatever you’re looking for. Genius.

The best gifts to get the men in your life are personal. So really try to think - what his favorite band? Maybe get him one of their shirts or albums on vinyl. Clothes are another good option if you know his style and what he wants. But if you're really at a loss, try headphones or a Crosley speaker. Perhaps a good book, you know, if he will actually read it. Modern Love by Aziz Asari and Quiet by Susan Cain are both great nonfictions. If all else fails - try some booze or food. No one would be disappointed getting a case of craft beer, or even a splurge on a Nespresso espresso machine so he can sip his favorite latte at home.

Hopefully this little gift guide helps. Now go race to the mall or pay extra for express delivery -- the holidays are here. What's on your wish list this year? Tell me in the comments below.

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