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I was going through my old posts and realized I haven’t done a favorites post in over a year…oops. Instead of doing monthly favorites, since I often don’t have new favorites each month, I decided to just do a current favorites roundup a few times a year. So read along if you need music, podcast, social media, and outfit recommendations.


Great British Baking Show

Besides Love Island, English people are obsessed with the Great British Baking Show. There are currently three seasons of it on Netflix US and I sadly finished all of them, but hopefully they’ll add more soon. The show has two bakers do three baking challenges an episode, in which they’re judged by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood based on style, taste, and technique. It’s a wholesome show that’s great for when you just want to relax and enjoy a cuppa.

Arden is my favorite Youtuber of all time. I only started watching her videos because I kept getting told that I look like her, but now I can’t stop watching her videos. She does beauty and fashion videos with humor and quirkiness. She also has a book out called Almost Adulting, which is cute for those of you who are coming of age and need some guidance.

Will is my other favorite Youtuber at the moment. He are Arden are dating and are SUPER cute. He’s English, and does a bit of filmography. He doesn’t just sit and talk to the camera or vlog – he films moments of life, of intimacy, and shows a different side to everyday things.

This Is Us

You've probably seen Snapchats and Instastories of people crying over this show, but it's so good. It's great for families, binge-watching by yourself, and for when you need a good weep. It stars Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, as well as a breakout cast and Season 2 starts today!

Grey's Anatomy 

I finally started binge-watching Grey's and now I see what all the fuss is about. I started watching this right when school started, which probably wasn't one of my best ideas, but whatever - it's too late now. This show isn't just about a hospital; there's sex, scandal, death, and drama and really interesting cases. I normally close my eyes during the OR scenes but it's fine, the drama in the show is worth it.



LANY (pronounced lan-e) are my current jam. They’re an indie band from LA with California vibes. They recently dropped their debut album, which touches on breakups and growing up. They have such a refreshing sound and I can’t wait to see them live in November.


Like LANY, COIN is a relatively new band. They just released their new album How Do You Know If You Never Try, which is upbeat and fun. I love listening to it when I drive down PCH, or chilling with friends. It’s happy and exciting and I can’t wait to hear what  they’ll do next.

Orion has some of the best Spotify playlists. I love her playlists For Elle, Car Tunes Volume II, and Soundtrack to my Summer. For Elle is all about falling in love and long distance dating and is so moody and romantic, whilst the other two are more chill and good for long drives.

Crash on my Couch

I am obsessed with podcasts. I listen to them all the time, whether I’m driving, in the bath, or just laying about in my room. Crash on my Couch is the first podcast I ever listened to and my favorite. It starts Arden and Will (mentioned above) who have different segments, including conspiracy camp, weekly idiot, WTF Japan, and more. They have good chemistry (‘cause they’re dating, duh) and make a funny and enjoyable podcast.


People I’ve Loved is an illustrator and print-maker who makes the cutest cards. I’m sure you’ve seen some of their cards at Burro or Papersource. My current favorite piece is “I Like You, I Love You” (click to see the image) and just the love cards in general.

Ella Grace Denton and J run this sustainable clothing Instagram account. They post about sustainable clothing, thrifted finds, and how to be a good friend to the environment. I love seeing what goodies they find at charity shops and how they style their outfits.

April Hill Writing

April creates cute doodles, often of ghosts, with some text that mocks aspects of life. Her drawings are funny and relatable, and I love seeing them pop up on my feed.

Overheard LA/London

This account is run by submissions about what people overhear in LA, NYC and London. They are hilarious. The LA ones are typically superficial, the London ones are just funny, and the NYC ones are sorta weird (but in a good way). It’s funny to read real conversations and the shit people say. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured on it on day.

Lastly, I love Orion. Her Instagram feed is minimalism perfection, with a mix of white backgrounds, coffee, poetry, and selfies. Meanwhile, her Twitter is full of poetry, song lyrics, and overall positivity and joy.


Because school has started I haven't been reading much lately, but be sure to check out this post and this post for reading recommendations.  



Get on this checkered trend before it’s too late. I’m obsessed with well-fitted gingham trousers, but I love this pattern in shirts and dresses as well. It’s perfect for the end of summer/transition to fall and adds a nice sophistication to any outfit.

Platform sneakers

I’m already tall, so I don’t need to be any taller, but I love platform sneakers. They add an edge to an outfit, allow you to see over people at concerts, and look great with anything. I’m not edgy enough to pull of creepers, so I opted for white oxford-style sneakers with a three inch platform that make me feel like I’m a supermodel as I struck around Los Angeles.

Potato shoes

I also love my “potato” shoes. These suede shoes are tan and look like potatoes, hence the name. They’re flat and rounded and are great for summer when it’s too hot to wear Dr. Martens.


Thank you London for introducing me to the magic of Zara. It’s hard to find a Zara in the states, there are only a few and they’re hard to find.  ZARA abroad was cheaper, and they have the best basics. I loved their striped shirts, off the shoulder tops, shoes, and they had great work clothes.

Off the shoulder

I love getting my shoulders tanned and freckled in the summer by wearing off the shoulder tops. It’s nice to go braless and feel free while wearing an off the shoulder crop top or dress.


I currently own four red striped shirts, one black and white and two yellow ones. I might be a bit obsessed with stripes. I think they add a bit of playfulness to an outfit and are more interesting than a plain white shirt. They’re great for summer and always look good with jeans.

Tinted sunglasses

The early 2000s are back with tinted sunnies in a variety of colors. I bought light pink tinted glasses, and although they don’t keep out the sun, they add an edge to any outfit.



More people in the US need to drink cappuccinos – they’re way better than lattes. The milk ration and foam are different, and you end up with a richer drink that comes with chocolate sprinkles on top. Who doesn’t want chocolate on top?

Rice and beans

I’m so lazy about cooking now that I live on my own, so I’m constantly eating this staple. I just microwave some pre-cooked rice from Trader Joes, cook some black beans on the stove, combine the mixture with some cilantro, salt and pepper, and I have a simple and filling dinner that’s cheap and environmentally friendly.

Sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts

I hate watching food cook on a stove, so I prefer to use an oven so I can forget about it for a bit and pull it out twenty minutes later. Sweet potatoes are a healthy carb and easy to cook once you slice they up and add a bit of olive oil, rosemary and salt. Meanwhile just halve the Brussels sprouts and coat in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with salt and pepper, bake in the cover at 350 for twenty minutes, and you have an easy and healthy dinner.

So that's it! School has started again so I'm busy and lazy once again, but I'm hoping to do an outfit post and hungover cure post soon! Check back every week for a new post!

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