My Favorite Books of the Year (So Far)

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Living in London for the past year gave me a lot of time to read. Back at university in Malibu, I never had time to read. Well, I take that back. I had time to read but I chose to watch Netflix instead. In London, being on the Tube or train meant having no cell service, so I often read a book or listened to a podcast. This year I read a lot of great new reads instead of rereading the same old books, so here is a new updated reading list. If you want to know my old favorites, click here to get inspired for your next rainy day.

I thought this was going to be a boring, non-fiction book about how modern dating sucks and we need to go back to how dating was 30 years ago but I was wrong. I bought this book because I knew my now-ex (feels weird typing that…) were going to break up since I had to return back to America while he stays in London to finish uni. I bought this book to get some clarity on the situation that I knew was coming, Not only did it give me some new insight on dating and what I had missed in the past six months since being off any sort of dating app or going to clubs, but it also explained a lot of my dating behaviors. Aziz (I’m sure you know him as Tom from Parks an Rec) is a comedian, and brings that element to this serious book. He touches on dating behaviors, ghosting, hookups, dating apps, cheating, and breakups. I learned a lot about myself while reading this and about my then-boyfriend, and it really helps you navigate and understand the current dating world.

I love Will Darbyshire. If you don’t know who Will is you need to watch some of his Youtube videos and listen to his podcast Crash on my Couch right now. Will is a Youtuber (more or less a filmmaker) who collected people’s love notes, letters, and thoughts on love and complied them into this beautiful book. Inside are letters to exes, crushes, to future partners as well as pictures. It makes you sad, happy, and overall an emotional mess (but it’s great!)

I saw this book at every airport, online store, and local or chain bookstore for a year before buying it. I love the ’70s, which the book in set in, and I’m fascinated by cults and how and why people join them. The book centers on Evie, who is intrigued by the girls in the cult, specifically Suzanne, and decides to join them. It’s a bit suspenseful, interesting, thought provoking and has girl-crushes, murder and sex – what more could you want? It’s a great summer read that you’ll finish instantly.

Since I lived in the UK for the past year, the top selling books are different than the ones in the US. Miss You was on the bestseller list and is about Tess and Gus, who keep crossing paths but don’t know it. It’s similar to One Day and is a cute love story set in England. You’ll be annoyed how the characters never seem to meet, but will fall in love with their lives and will cheer them on until the very end.

I got really into poetry last November and it’s a hobby that I still continue. I love collecting poetry books and Pillow Thoughts is one of my favorites. Courtney combines paragraphs, thoughts and poems together to tell a story of heartbreak, love, and overall emotions. It makes you feel like you’re not alone and gets the creative juices flowing.

This is my favorite poetry book. Rupi writes about love, heartbreak, feminism, abuse, family, sex, and more. She does her own drawings, which accompany the poems, and tells the story of a rough live and loss, but also of empowerment. She makes you feel so many things and strengthens you along the way.

If you’re not into poetry of fiction, here’s a book for you. Quiet is all about the power of introverts and is non-fiction. Cain defines introverts, why they’re an integral part of our society, how to understand them, and changes the way people see introverts. As an introvert, this book changed the way I saw myself, as I often feel like I have to compete in an extrovert world. But Cain touches on the fact that extroverts need to incorporate introverts into their own and understand them. Being introverted doesn’t mean being quiet – it means we recharge by being by ourselves and having downtime. It’s eye opening and helps you understand people’s behaviors and how our society treats introverts.

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Current Book List

  • Pillow Thoughts
  • Milk & Honey
  • This Modern Love
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Looking for Alaska
  • One Day
  • Me Before You


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