Winter Essentials

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The dog days of summer are long over, fall has disappeared, the holidays have past, and winter is in full swing. I’m a West Coast, Portland and California girl and I’m not sure to gloomy, snowy winters. But this break I travelled all over Eastern Europe for two and a half weeks, freezing my California ass off. I stupidly packed only t-shirts and one sweater, which I thought would keep me warm. I was very wrong. A thin sweater, like prosciutto, won’t keep you warm at night. Jeans aren’t enough to keep my legs warm, and even though my jacket goes down to my knees, I still shiver as I walk down cobbled roads. So, I’ve learned from my mistakes, and here my winter essentials.

Ugh, I know. Basic, right? But they’ll keep you warm, unlike jeans. Wear two pairs when it’s cold, and get the fleece-lined ones. They’re magical. This might not be the most flattering look, but when it’s cold, who cares? Your legs will thank you.

I’ve found that earmuffs keep me warmer than a hat. They might look a bit stupid, but they’re incredibly warm (and you can pretend that you can’t hear people). Feel like Chanel #3 from Scream Queens and grab some ‘muffs.

You look most of your body heat from the top of your head, which is why you’re going to need a hat. I love my knit newsboy hat, but a stoking hat will work as well. I know you’ll mess up your hair, but you need to stay warm.

Texting Gloves
These actually work. I had knit gloves that weren’t made for texting and I’d always have to take them off whenever I wanted to take a picture, which was a pain. Invest in some warm texting gloves, you’ll thank me when you’re trying to take a Snapchat of the snow.

Cable Knit Sweaters
Stalk up on these from thrift stores. They’re so warm and comfortable and great to wear with leggings. I love wearing men’s sweaters – they’re always more comfortable. These are great for laying over t-shirts as well.

Get some warm boots. My Dr. Martens kept my feet warm all throughout Europe and have pretty good traction. Make sure you have shoes you won’t slip in! Boots are expensive but will last a long time.

Wool Socks
They will keep your feet warm in the snow. They’re pricey but worth it – and your feet will thank you. I actually wear cotton socks until wool ones when it’s below freezing and my feet have yet to be cold.

A Blanket Scarf
Grab a large scarf that you can use as a blanket or a scarf. You can shield you face from the wind and snow in this and use it to protect the top of your head as well.

A Warm Coat
Buy that $300 coat if it’ll keep you warm. You’ll use it for years. Try to buy one on sale – I love mine from Columbia or Prana. Try to get one that goes to your knees or calves – theses really help keep you warm.

It's cold out there, so stay warm! Grab a hot chocolate and bundle up because the world doesn't stop, even if it is below freezing out.

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