London Coffee Shop Roundup

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If people ever want to know where to find me, I’m probably working away, sipping a cappuccino at one of my favorite coffee shops in London. London has some of the best coffee shops in the world. I know England is supposed to be known for tea, but I think they make better coffee than America. Each shop is unique and typically has free wifi. They’re hipster paradises filled with plants, men with beards, and strong espresso. What more could you want? I have a rotating list of places I go for a cup of coffee, but there are a few that will always be my favorites.

Daisy Green
Daisy Green is my sanctuary. This coffee shop has seen me at my best and worst and I love going there alone, even though my friends always want to tag along. I sit in the corner downstairs, admiring the fake flowers hanging from the ceiling and the grass floor. It’s a secret brunch party downstairs, complete with a life-changing avocado toast and strong cappuccino. There’s free wifi, the baristas are great, and they don’t mind if you take up a four-person table for yourself (or maybe they do mind, but they don’t say anything). It’s near the Marble Arch station and is one of my favorite places in all of London.

Brown & Rosie
Brown & Rosie just opened up next to my house in London. It’s an Australian coffee shop (all the best ones are) and has porridge and avocado toast – what more could you want? It’s a nice place, good atmosphere, and last time I checked they didn’t have wifi, but they’ve only been open for a month. Not to mention the barista is cute and Australian.

As I’m writing this, I’m at Attendant in Shoreditch (although there’s also one in Soho). This is the first place where I tried avocado toast and actually liked it. Their coffee is really strong (a little too strong) but their avocado toast is magical (but not as good as Daisy Green’s). It’s always packed but the waiters are friendly and the vibe is good.

Aida is actually a clothing store but they also have a café. It’s just down the road from Attendant and all you need to order is the rose latte. It’s actually pink and is topped off with dried rose petals. Order it just to take a picture of it. It’s really sweet but it’s delicious.

Coffee Geek
If you’re looking for a quick coffee, head to Coffee Geek. It’s not my favorite, but a lot of people love it. It’s very business-y if that makes sense but they do make cute cappuccinos.

This is a minimalistic, open-space and perfect for working; however, they will kick you out if you stop buying things. They have real food, like soups, sandwiches, and salads and good coffee.

Palm Vault
This is known as the “most Instagramable coffee shop in London.” It’s decked out with palms, pink walls, and hanging plants. They have pink lattes and acai bowls, topped off with flowers. It’s beautiful and gives you a good reason to explore Hackney. Get their avocado toast with feta and any coffee! Beware, there's a long wait on the weekends.

Jo and the Juice
So this is a Danish coffee chain that only hires hot guys to work there. Sexism at its finest. But they make a good coffee, the atmosphere is good, but whatever you do don’t order the sandwiches – it only ends in disappointment.

Farm Girl
Try to go to Farm Girl in Notting Hill on a weekend and you’ll never get in. Farm Girl has amazing porridge, rose lattes, and amazing latte art. People love their pancakes and acai bowls and the overall atmosphere of the place. If it’s a nice day, make sure to sit outside. Just get there early and make sure you can get in.

This wouldn’t be a coffee shop roundup without Pret. Honestly, if someone doesn’t like Pret it’s a deal breaker. Pret has amazing cappuccinos, the best croissants, and any of their food is great. I’m pretty sure the reason I’m poor is because of this place. But if the barista likes you they’ll give you coffee on the house. You can find a Pret on any street corner in London and one taste of their coffee will warm your bitter little heart.

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