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You say you want a revolution // Well, you know // We all want to change the world // You tell me that it's evolution // Well, you know // We all want to change the world

One of my favorite Beatles songs is “Revolution” and I think it really sums up 2017 so far. The United States of America has a new president and I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s happy about it. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough then you know I’m currently living in London. Yes, I’m not in America (thankfully) but that doesn’t mean I, and the rest of the world, aren’t affected by the recent events occurring because of the election. I had the opportunity to join the women’s march in London a few weeks ago. I was heading to get coffee but on a whim went to the march. I knew it was my duty as a woman to go. I hopped on the tube and headed to Trafalger Square to stand with 100,000 people to peacefully protest the President. I missed the actual march, but I was overwhelmed by all the people who weren’t directly affected by the election who were there to show their support in protest. I stood there, taking photos, joining the rallying cries. I joined in spontaneous dancing, and I watched as people from different nations, of different ages, races, and gender, stood together peacefully to show their support.

I don’t like to talk politics. In fact, I avoid the subject. But when my rights as a women are effected, when Planned Parenthood is being defunded, I have to raise my voice. Why is a misogynist in charge of my uterus? What happened to my voice? And more recently, why are Muslims being banned from America? Why aren’t we protecting people? I’m currently in England and coming back to America has no appeal. A president is supposed to bring people together, to unite us, but why is he trying to divide us? Why is he only protecting white, wealthy males? What about the rest of us?

It was an honor to be a part of the revolution, to be part of the biggest peaceful protest in the world. I stand with my fellow humans and demand change. We cannot live under a fascist. I need to feel protected, but instead I feel victimized It's time to raise your voice and protect those who can't protect themselves. 

This was my caption when I posted my photo from the Women's March: "Today I stood with thousands of people to express my disgust with the new president. I stood with people from all around the world who aren't directly affected by Trump's presidency, but wanted to peacefully protest and show their support. Trump may be president, but you know what? Women fight back and love trumps hate."

What are your thoughts on the women’s march and #MuslimBan protests? Comment below!  

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