Coffee Shop Girl

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The Coffee Shop Girl (CSG) is the girl I always dreamt of being. She’s the cool girl, the girl-next-door who has her life together. She sits alone at a coffee shop, typing away at her computer, journaling, or reading a book. She always looks put together as she sips her cappuccino and ignores the world around her. She has headphones in and is lost in a daydream. She sits for hours, working away, as the world goes by. She never speaks, unless it’s to ask for a refill. She has her usual spot and the barista knows her by name. She’s probably working on poetry, a blog post or a novel. She looks cool without even trying and she’s the girl I always wanted to be.

I tried to be the CSG. I brought my computer to a coffee shop and pretended to do homework, but I could never be the CSG. I didn’t have the confidence to pull it off. I people-watched instead and gave up after an hour of trying to work in a coffee shop. I brought a book, one that I thought looked cool. One that was pretentious but not too pretentious. I wore my glasses I never need to wear, my new Dr. Martens, and a cable-knit sweater, but everyone could see through me. I was not the CSG.

Until one day, I was. Working away on a blog post like this, writing love poetry in the corner of my favorite coffee shop I go to day after day. I wasn’t bothered to look up when people flowed in and out of the shop. I only spoke when I asked for another cappuccino. I didn’t try to be this girl, it just happened. I worked for hours in this little coffee shop, forgetting the time. I was so deep in my thoughts, over analyzing situations, daydreaming. I let my coffee get cold as I typed away, finally free of writer’s block. I had my headphones in, listening to indie folk tunes, and let myself get lost. I was her, the girl I tried so hard to be.

The thing about being the CSG is that you can’t try to be her – it just happens. One minute you’re attempting to be her, but then you just are. You’re journaling about life, thinking about the future. You’re filling out applications. You’re writing about love. You’re planning your next trip. And then, you’re her. You make it seem like you have your life together. You don’t bother to look up, and you sit for hours doodling in your journal. You forget your phone exists and time flies by. That’s how you become the CSG.

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