The Art of Writing Letters

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I love getting mail, but more importantly I love sending mail. When’s the last time you wrote someone a letter? I’m not talking about a Notebook style love letter where you pine away for 365 days and send a letter everyday, but a regular letter where you remind someone about how much you care about them. Send a letter to your best friend. Send a care package to someone during finals week. Send a letter to your mom and thank her for everything she does for you. Just write.

This day in age, no one writes letters anymore. What ever happened to longhand letters in messy handwriting? I’m tired of sending meaningless texts, interpreting emojis, and sending Snapchats. I’m tired of waiting for people to reply and thinking, “maybe he’s just ghosting me, maybe he hates me.” Maybe I’m just nostalgic or a hopeless romantic, but getting a letter is like getting a hug in the mail. It’s a lost art that needs to make a comeback. Writing a letter shows that you care – that you took time out of your day to sit down and handwrite a note and end it out in the mail. It’s personal. Any letter is from the heart. 

We’re so busy all the time that sometimes even sending a text is time consuming. I only write letters to one person – my best friend. Whenever a letter arrives I’m always so excited because I never get to see her so getting a letter is like her arriving at my door.

This year, make it a habit to write a letter to someone. It doesn’t have to be romantic – send a letter to your best friend or family. And start making cards with your presents and send thank you letters. Show people that you care, that’s all I’m saying.

How to decorate your letter:
- Paint
- Stickers
- Drawings
- Ribbon

What to put in the letter:
- Tea bags
- Pictures cut from magazines
- A poem
- A printed out picture
- Confetti
- Temporary tattoos
- A drawing

Who will you write a letter to?

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