Merry Christmas, London

9:30 AM

To me, London is the most magical place at Christmas. All around there are Christmas trees, fancy lights, and elaborate window displays. Winter Wonderland is in full swing in Hyde Park, Christmas markets can be found all over the city, and mulled wine is served at every pub. During my last week in London for the semester, I went all around the city to my favorite holiday spots to remember how magical everything looked.

Enjoy this little video. People always ask me why I love London so much and I can't explain it - it's just a gut feeling that it's my home. Hopefully this video will explain my love for London and will encourage people to visit the best city in the world. 

Song: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by She & Him
I hope you all had great holidays and I wish you all a happy New Year! 

Love Always,

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