Stuck in a Blogging Rut

9:03 AM

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging, but sometimes it gets tiresome.

When I started blogging, I was inspired by Rookie Mag and The Messy Heads. I didn’t know anyone with a blog when I started in 2014. I didn’t even know you could make money off of blogging! I just started because I like to write and I wanted to give my resume a boost.

This year I really tried to boost my blog but I kept getting writer’s block. Every blogger posts the same styled posts, write about the same topics, and all seem to have a ton of money because they’re always traveling. It seems that you have to be a specific type of blog to actually make a living off of blogging. I don’t take street style photos, spend hours cooking and taking pictures of my food, or have other people writing for me. I just write about what I care about and topics that matter; not just about upcoming trends or the latest ASOS sale.

I didn’t start a blog to get a ton of exposure, but I do hope people actually read what I have to say. I don’t post a lot because I honestly don’t know what I what my blog to look like. I don’t have the equipment to be a fashion blog and to take really nice photos, but I don’t post DIYs either. I just feel like I don’t fit into any of the blogging categories, which can be really frustrating. I like having my own style but people like trendy blogs with nice photos and videos. Should I be confined to doing that? I want to give my blog a purpose, not just a superficial style blog.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, you really can’t think about followers. They will come in time…(at least I’m hoping). If you don’t fit into a category, just beware that it can be harder to come up with topics, photo shoots, and attract readers. When you put effort into something you want people to read it. I’m still playing around with what kind of blog I want this to be, especially since I’ll be traveling for eight months. I want to hear from you all, if you’re even here. What kinds of topics do you want to write about? Is there something you want less of or more of? I’m just stuck in a blogging rut and looking for some ideas.

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