25 Reasons Why Autumn is Great

10:22 AM

Goodbye summer, hello autumn! 

Autumn is my favorite season for so many reasons. I can wear dresses and drink hot coffee and not sweat, wear my favorite hats, and break in my boots. As much as I love summer, autumn has a special place in my heart. Not convinced? I'm sure you'll find a few things to look forward to on this list. 

  1. Sweater weather
  2. The leaves changing
  3. Warm drinks (hello apple cider!)
  4. Apple picking
  5. Blankets 
  6. Knitted hats
  7. The sound of leaves crunching
  8. Boots
  9. Pumpkin spice lattes
  10. Bonfires
  11. Halloween
  12. Corn mazes
  13. Scary movie marathons
  14. Comfort food
  15. Carving pumpkins
  16. Perfect weather
  17. Jumping into a pile of leaves
  18. Carmel apples
  19. Thanksgiving
  20. Meeting new students
  21. Golden mornings
  22. Fuzzy socks                  
  23. Scented candles
  24. Nature walks
  25. Black Friday shopping

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