My Favorite Vietnam-Era Films

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I’ve been really obsessed with the Vietnam-Era recently. I think it’s a really interesting time in America because it sparked a creative revolution. In no way do I like the Vietnam War – it was the stupidest decision America has ever made. But in terms of art, protests, and music, it was beautiful.

I love the ‘60s and ‘70s. Plan and simple. There was the British Invasion, psychedelic art, Woodstock, and a rise of surf culture on the West Coast. I really wish I could’ve been alive during this time, but I wasn’t, so I live vicariously through my favorite Vietnam War-Era films.

Across the Universe

I’ve talked about this film before because it’s perfection in terms of acting, music, and cinematography. It shows Lucy protesting to the tunes of the Beatles’ psychedelic rock, is an anti-war film, and shows the music and art of the time. It has an ode to the Merry Mystery Bus, ‘70s fashion, popular drugs, and peaceful protests.

Love and Honor

This showed an important side of the war because it shows people being disrespectful and rude to soldiers who were drafted and had no choice but to be shipped off to Vietnam. Teresa Palmer plays a hippie and Liam Hemsworth is a solider returning from the war who gets a lot of heat from her and her friends.

Good Morning Vietnam

This film actually takes place in Vietnam with Robin Williams serving as a radio show host to keep the soldiers entertained. It’s an thought-provoking perspective to see the lives of the soldiers abroad and not just what was happening in America.

Forrest Gump

If you haven’t seen the film, this is a bit of a spoiler but only a small part of the film focuses on the Vietnam War. Forrest gets drafted into the war and somehow survives and earns a medal for saving the troop. He goes to Washington D.C. to accept his award and runs into Jenny who is there protesting. It’s another interesting relationship between the anti-war protestors and a soldier that makes a great story.    

What's your favorite film about this era? 

Make love, not war.

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