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I finally got this posted on time! *self five* Well, I really had no choice because it was now or never since I’m leaving for London in five days to study abroad! Although I’ll be away, I’m still going to (try) to post regularly and hopefully have a lot of travel features on Europe. Although most of my time will be spent in school * cries * and traveling, I want to coffee shop-hop my way around the city, so I’ll write my blog pists there (‘cause I don’t think I’ll get much done in my six-person room). Anyways, I hope you enjoy the monthly favorites as always and tell me in the comments what kind of posts you want to see!

To Watch
Across the Universe – I won’t shut up about this film to my friends and at this point I’m just harassing them to watch it. If you’re into the Beatles, psychedelic cinematography, Jim Sturgess (AKA my future husband), musicals, and the Vietnam War era, this movie is for you. It’s really trippy at times but you’ll be hooked the moment Jim Sturgess breaks the third wall and sings to the camera while signing “Girl.” There’s fun Beatles trivia in the movie (hidden lyrics and all the characters are named after songs) and it’s just an amazing movie. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I watched it at 2 am and couldn’t sleep afterward because I’ve never had such an emotional connection to a movie before. I could really write a novel on why this is the best musical ever, but I’ll just let you watch it.  

Begin Again – Another quirky musical! I didn’t know that Kiera Knightly could sing, but she has a great voice. It also stars Adam Levine (husband #2) and Mark Ruffalo. It’s a cute movie about Mark Ruffalo helping Kiera Knightly make an album around NYC and dealing with heartbreak.  

Mamma Mia – I forgot how much fun this movie is. It’s my mom’s favorite movie and we used to watch it all the time. The music is great, it has beautiful scenes of Greece, and it has Meryl Streep.

Mrs. Doubtfire – This film gives me all the feels. I have divorced parents, so this movie hits really close to home and the ending is really realistic. It’s so funny and makes me miss Robin Williams even more.

To Read
Who What Wear – I love catching up on all the fashion-related articles on the website. They have a lot of interviews with professionals in the fashion industry as well as current trends, cheap finds, and street style.

Local Wolves – Want to learn about upcoming creatives and get inspired? Look no further and read this amazing indie magazine. You can read the current and past issues for free here. In August we had Claudia Sulewski as our cover star! (I’m really biased toward this magazine because I do social media but them but shh).

The Beatles History – I hours researching Beatles history one night. I learned all about Lennon’s murder, how Ringo wasn’t brought in until later, and how a dentist put LSD in their coffee. They’re really interesting and their interviews are hilarious. George Harrison will always be my favorite Beatle.

Across the Universe – It’s on here TWICE because I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve been jamming out to their Beatles covers all month.

Lorde - Lorde hasn’t released new music in three years but Pure Heroin still slays. “Royals,” “Ribs,” “Love Club,” and “White Teeth Teens” are always on repeat.  

The Beach Boys – My mom and I went on a road trip and we played our Beach Boys Greatest Hits CD on repeat.

The Beatles – It only took me nineteen years to appreciate their music. I’m obsessed with their psychedelic rock songs from the Magic Mystery Bus – it’s like nothing I’ve heard before.

To Wear
Silk Scarves – I love adding a short, bandana-sized scarf to my outfit and tying it like a Boy Scout. It’s very French.

Stila Liquid Eyeliner – I didn’t know I could apply liquid eyeliner until I tried this on at Sephora. It’s really easy to apply and lasts all day (bonus: it’s water proof). I also love their pencil liners, too.

Red Eyeshadow – I love a good brown and burgundy smoky eye. They’re something very romantic about it that I can’t get over.

Slouchy Cargo Pants – My family has an unhealthy obsession with Target. It must be in our DNA. I went to Target to buy a DVD and ended up spending more than I should on clothes. I love the new army green slouchy cargo pants I got. They’re lightweight and make me feel like a jungle explorer but they’re like men’s joggers. I like to make my high-waisted and pair with a black or white t-shirt.

Mom Jeans – I finally found mom jeans! They’re covered in patches and are so rad! If you have an LF near you go hit up the 60% off everything sale before it’s over!

To Eat
Diddy Riese – UCLA is so lucky to be right next to this cookie place. These are the cheapest cookies I’ve ever seen and are so good. One cookie is $.50, a cookie ice cream sandwich is $2, and a dozen day old cookies is $2.50. If you’re ever in Westwood, go check them out. But beware: it’s cash only.  

Bindle Coffee – I stumbled upon this farm house-turned coffee shop in Fort Collins, CO. They have great coffee and it feels like a wood cabin on the inside. I recommend their matcha or vanilla latte.

To Go
Grand Canyon – I’d never had much of an interest in exploring the Grand Canyon but it’s amazing. I can’t believe it took me nineteen years to visit! I went in August so it was really crowded, but if you go around sunset not a lot of people are there and you can get amazing pictures of the canyon (at noon the sun washed everything out). 

Antelope Canyon  – If you’re ever in Page, Arizona (it’s two and half hours from the Grand Canyon) stop by Antelope Canyon. It’s a slot canyon owned by the Navajos and there’s tours daily (unless there’s rain because they have a problem with flash floods). It costs $48 for a tour and to get in (you have to do the tour – they won’t let you go alone) but it’s worth it. I’ve never seen anything like it before. There were a lot of people went I went, so I recommend going in fall or winter.

What have you been enjoying lately? Leave a comment below!

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