Summertime Sadness

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Every year I can't wait for summer. I dream of spending my days reading at the beach, sparking a summer romance, and exploring the city, 'cause that's what always happens in movies, right? Well, so far I have yet to go to the beach, there's no romance in my life, and most of my days are spent working in the city instead of exploring it. Students only get a number of summers off, so why not making them amazing? Whether you’re interning, working a part time job, chilling at home (for free, bless that fully stocked refrigerator) I’m guessing you have time on your hands. Lost for what to do this summer (besides binge watching on Netflix or HBO Go)? Same here. That’s why I made this list.

Go For a Hike

Summer is both the best and the worst time for hiking. It’s so hot that it’s almost impossible to make it to the end of the trail, but at least it’s sunny and not rainy, right? Wherever you live, I bet there are plenty of trails to be explored. Always take the road less traveled by.

Explore your town

I know, this sounds boring. Maybe you live in a really small town. But there are always shops to be explored, coffee to be tasted, people to meet! It’s better than staying in the house, right? (Right).

Road trip

Pull a Crossroads a la Britney Spears and go for a road trip with your high school friends! Better yet, road trip to your college friends! Stop at crappy motels, eat fast food for the week, and see a part of the states you’ve never explored before! If you split the bill with your friends for gas and hotel, it should be 

Try something new

Always wanted to try rollerblading but never had the time? Now’s your chance! Once we’re out of school, we don’t get summer off. So try those dance lessons, learn to paint, or try yoga while you still can.

Go to the farmer's market

What’s better than a farmer’s market (hint: not much). Find fresh berries, get free samples, and be part of your community.


Yeah. Remember that thing we did before we were glued to our phones? Go to your local bookstore and find a used book to keep you company for a few hours. Better yet, go to Goodwill a find a book for a dollar.

Learn to cook

Look up some recipes on Pinterest and learn how to cook. It's a lifelong skill, after all. Or learn how to bake the best chocolate chip cookies and surprise your friends.

Go to the pool or the beach
Get your tan on, read a book, and find someone who has a swan pool float and have yourself a good ‘ole time. Even if you don’t have a pool, find someone who does or go to the nearest body of water. And if you're worried about wearing a swimsuit. Don't be. Every body is a bikini body. 

Go to the state or country fair

Yeah, they’re hokey but who doesn’t love deep-fried food and a tilt-a-whirl? You can see some farm animals, watch pigs race and watch live music all while eating cotton candy.

Become a pen pal
Write to your friends! Everyone loves getting snail mail. Deck out the letter with stickers, draw using colored pencils, and keep in touch this summer!

Host a get-together 

Buy some chips and salsa, make some drinks, blast some music and host a mini high-school reunion! Catch up with everyone, brag about how your college is the best, and laugh about high school.

Plant a garden

Who doesn't love having fresh herbs? Buy a pre plotted plant and put it on your kitchen windowsill and use them in recipes! Or buy succulents and start a little plant family to decorate your room with.

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