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Fourth of July is right around the corner! Growing up, and until this year, I’ve always hated Independence Day. I know, I know. I get crap about this all the time. I’ve just never loved parades or fireworks. I’m weird like that. But this year I’m excited because as a college students know, any holiday is a great excuse to drink (and have the day off work!) So whether you’re heading to the beach, having a BBQ, or going downtown to watch the parade, here are some drinks and snacks to make for the Fourth!

As Americans, we love to eat. So it’s only right to eat our hearts out on our nation’s independence day, right? Here are some Pinterest snack ideas to bring over to a get-together!

On the Fourth, hotdogs are a classic. If you want to make these piggies a bit of patriotic, turn them into firecracker dogs using skewers and star-shaped cheese.

Who doesn't love bleu cheese on a burger? Top it off with a little flag to make it extra festive!

Mmmm, marshmallow and Cracker Jacks! Add blue and red sprinkles! 

Popcorn AND Poprocks! Totally a firework in your mouth. 

People could want something healthy, and these are easy to a crowd-pleaser!


My mouth watered just looking up this recipe! 

I love Studio DIY, and I freaked over their latest dessert DIY for the 4th! You can make your own marshmallows and die it with red and blue food coloring to have patriotic s’mores!

Americans have an unhealthy obsession with funnel cake! It's at every state fair and amusement party, so obviously it's going to be rocking your 4th of July party!

You can't do 4th of July right without cherry pie!

Just don't put meat in the trifle (anyone get that reference?)

Everyone should be included on the 4th!

Update plain old chocolate fudge!


Try this strawberry & blueberry margarita to get the party started!

Use apples, raspberries, and blueberries with white wine to make it festive! (Brownie points if you cut the apple slices into stars).

Just make three layers using cherry, blue raspberry, and coconut jello flavors and add in your favorite hard liquor!


What's more American than a Coors Light?

Move over, vodka gummy bears. 

Just add food coloring!

And by fun I mean alcoholic!

Time to get the party started with a sweet treat.

What are you waiting for? Go make some food!

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