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In desperate need of inspiration? I feel you. I go through writers block every other week and I can’t channel my creativity. I’ll try to think of a blog post, but nothing comes to me. I can’t think of what to draw, create, read, or really anything when I’m in a creative funk. Does this sound familiar? Good, I’m glad I’m not alone. As a blogger, I like to read other blogs and what sort of topics are trending and get ideas. Whenever I’m lost for an idea, I go to my favorite blogs to get the creative juices flowing.

Shenae Grimes (perhaps you remember her as Annie on 90210?) Just launched a new blog! She used to have one with her husband Josh, but they deleted it and now she has a solo blog! There’s only a few posts on it right now, but I bet you’ll get lost in her blog. She posts recipes, writes about fashion, beauty, travel, and her ramblings. I can’t say enough good things about Shenae’s new blog!

I’m forever grateful to Local Wolves for featuring these bloggers! The Messy Heads are 
California-cool vegan feminists who post about veganism, write poetry and create playlists, adventures, style, messy thoughts, and how to posts! These girls are so cool, I wish I could be them. Instead, I live vicariously through their blog. My favorite posts? Their monthly favorites.

Ashley Tisdale launched The Haute Mess last year and it’s great for girls in their 20s trying to figure out their lives. It focuses on lifestyle, humor, food, beauty, and work-related content from a variety of writers. Each post is great quick read and often times they post about current events or adulating on a budget.

If you could’t tell already, I love celebrity blogs. Your Zen Life re-launched a few weeks ago by Teresa Palmer. The content focuses on having a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle so there’s plenty of clean eating recipes, finding happiness, and videos titled Tez Talks by Teresa! I always leave this site feeling energized and inspired to be healthier.

More of a website than a blog, but I love Lauren Conrad’s DIY, recipes, and style guides. She posts friday favorites every week and posts twice a day, so there’s always new content! I love how chic and pretty the website is and there’s great articles for everyone!
I’m sure you’ve heard of Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s full of healthy lifestyle posts, travel guides, arts & culture, and home décor posts. It’s a fun website to spend hours on and to find new smoothie recipes, see Gwyneth’s home tour, or read articles about having better skin. Totally worth a visit!

Whitney Port's blog is very similar to Lauren Conrad’s! It focuses on health and beauty posts, so there’s lots of beauty must-haves, monthly favorites, recipes, and style posts.

Ok I swear this is the last blog by a celebrity. Vanessa Hudgen’s blog features Buzzfeed-like quizzes, horoscopes and quick reads mixed with longer thoughtful posts like “how to feel beautiful” and “why your best friend is just as important as your boyfriend.”

Studio DIY makes me so happy! It’s so bright and fun and filled with rainbow colors! I love the wall crawl posts (they have them for a bunch of cities!) and their DIYs! They also have great printables and recipe ideas!

Here’s another fitness blog! The Balanced Blonde is really positive and posts fun workouts, healthy recipes, fashion & travel posts. I love the beachy theme of the website and how it motivates me to live a healthier lifestyle.

Feel inspired yet? You could spend hours on all of these blogs! What are your favorite blogs? I always love finding new content creators to constantly be inspired!

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