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Spring is my favorite time of year because of music festivals. Have I been to one? No. But I do like to admire the outfits people wear to Coachella, Bonaroo, Outsidelands and Sashquatch. Every year I look forward to Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Roberts slaying at Coachella and this year was no different. Whether or not you’re going to a music festival, take notes from your favorite celebrities at Coachella to get inspired for summer.

Denim is back. Whoever said you can’t wear all denim is seriously disturbed. Denim dresses, denim two pieces, and the Canadian tuxedo are all making a major comeback at music festivals. Need inspiration? Look at Kiernan Shipka, Emma Roberts, and Bella Hadid.
The dream of the 90’s is alive and well. Forget flower crowns, this year is was all about 90’s trends. Chokers, flannels, overalls, and denim were all the rage this year. 90’s grunge continues to take over the world of fashion.
Taylor Swift officially wore a choker, so now they’re about to take over the world. We’re not talking about “tattoo” style chokers. Nope. Thick, velvet chokers that look like belts tied around your neck. Karlie Kloss, Nina Dobrev, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Hailey Baldwin all sported these necklaces instead of flower crowns this year.
French braids, Dutch braids, side braids…name a type of braid and it was at Coachella. Kylie Jenner rocked two boxer-style braids while Emma Roberts had a side French braid and Lea Michelle kept it simple with two French braids. Meanwhile The Blonde Salad rocked every type of braid imaginable. So much inspiration. 
Now back to some 70’s inspiration. Big, round sunglasses help hide how tired you are from the day before. Sophia Richie, Kiernan Shipka, and Alessandra Ambrosio all worked this trend over the weekend. 
So convenient and easy to wear. They have five pockets to hold all of your stuff! Suki Waterhouse, Frieda Pinto and Vanessa Hudgens all rocked these. They look great with a plain white shirt or Calvin Klein bralette.    
I saw Kylie Jenner wear a wig, so I wore a wig. Kylie Jenner had magically changing hair over the weekend and went from rainbow ombre to neon orange hair in a day. Meanwhile, Bella Thorne rocked out in a purple pixie-girl wig. These are a great way to change up your look without dying your hair. 
Kendall Jenner wore a crochet dress, so you know it’s stylish. So did Alessandra Ambrosio.  It’s hot during festival season, so might as well try to wear as little clothing as possible. Just make sure you wear something underneath the dress.
Every girl’s music festival staple. These go perfectly with a crop top or bralette. You can find these at any thrift store or Urban Outfitters. They’re comfortable, easy to breathe in, and are a good investment.

It can be dusty at festivals. Bandanas can keep the dust out of your nose and mouth, can hold back your hair, or can be tied around your neck. Josh Hutcherson, Jared Leto, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kylie Jenner, and Cody Simpson all wore one to keep the dust out.

What's your favorite trend this year? Comment below!

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