The Awkward Girl Never Gets the Boy

1:09 PM

Television, please stop telling me the awkward girl gets the boy. I’ve fallen for your lies and believed that me, a super awkward girl, could have a chance with boys who are out of my league. I let myself fall for these boys because I thought I had a chance with them. I thought that maybe my quirks were endearing. Charming. Adorable. I thought to myself, if Jess Day, a fellow awkward girl, could date Nick on New Girl, I could date a boy, too. If Rae Earl could date Finn Nelson, I could date a hot boy too. But I’ve been alive for over 19 years, and I have to tell you something: the awkward girl never gets the boy.

It’s hard to admit this to myself. Watching Jess and Rae gives me hope. Sometimes I think I’ll never fall in love. I like boys who don’t even know I exist. I like some of my best guy friends, and they don’t like me back. I’m the weird one. The girl from Portland. I make weird noises, do an odd form of twerking and splash around in fountains while wearing my formal dress. I’m not cute or adorable, I’m just weird.

I’m not ashamed of being weird. I like being different. Why should I fit in society’s mold? I’m not going to be unfunny or wear tight clothes. I’m going to rock my overall dress with Doc Martens. I’m going to dance in public when I shouldn’t or laugh at inappropriate times. I’m going to cry over Taylor Swift songs and be ungraceful. But these traits aren’t endearing. They don’t help land the boy. I might as well be a character out of a movie, but in that movie I never get the boy.

Films makes me believe I can do anything. It makes me think that as an awkward girl, I have a chance with a boy. But I, and girls around the world, need to know that’s not true and that we need to stop lying to ourselves. I need to stop lying to myself.


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