February Favorites

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It's been busy around here as always (#collegelife) but I still wanted to share some of my favorites from the past month. I haven't bought too much lately or gone anywhere new besides NOLA, but I rounded up some things to share!

The Office – I don’t know what I’m so late to the party with this, but The Office is amazing. Michael makes me cringe sometimes, but the show is funny and entertaining. Even if you don’t love all the characters, just watch it because Jim is in it.

Fuller House – One of my favorite 90’s shows got a Netflix reboot. It’s still cheesy and the jokes are a little forced, but I love having new episodes of Full(er) House featuring DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie. 

Me After You – The sequel to Me Before You. I don’t want to give anything away but if you liked the first book you’ll probably like this one.

Local Wolves - This is an online magazine that I work for! Local Wolves is digital publication for creatives. It features YouTubers, singers, photographers, actors, and pinpoints! I love the Wolfie community and all that the magazine stands for.

The Messy Heads - Local Wolves introduced me to this blog! They're always inspiring me to write, explore, and embrace my messy hair! It's really cute and cool and makes me miss San Diego! 

Dana Williams – She has the voice of an angel. You can find her covers and official music video for “The Lonely One” on Youtube.

“Me and Julio Down by the School Yard” by Paul Simon – I’ve been hearing this song everywhere lately, even though it’s an oldie. I first heard in “The Royal Tenebaums” directed by Wes Anderson but I’ve been hearing it in stores recently. It’s cute, upbeat, and happy.

Cake – I hate the band in real life (they were really rude to the audience at the concert) but their music is great. “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle” are catchy.

LF – LF had its only sale of the season, meaning everything in the store (and I mean everything) was 60%! I can’t afford LF when it’s not on sale, so I stocked up and got a lace-up flannel, a shirt, and a chiffon dress. I wish I bought more stuff but I’m poor.

90’s Shirts – I love the Urban Outfitters men’s section. I got two graphic shirts with the cast of “Friends” on one and “Boy Meets World” on the other. They make me so happy and they’re great for a lazy day.

Beignets – I went to New Orleans over spring break and had my first real beignet (and by real I mean one that wasn’t shaped like Mickey Mouse). These French donuts are delicious and come covered in a mountain of powdered sugar. They’re best with a cup of café au lait.

Queso – Why doesn’t this exist on the West Coast? Queso is a side dish of delicious cheese melted to perfection with a hint of chili powder, just waiting for you to dip your chips into it. I prefer queso blanco (usually made out of American cheese or Jack cheese) and I put it on everything. It’s basically nacho cheese, but I can’t find it on the West Coast.  

New Orleans – I finally made it to NOLA to visit a friend! The South was a bit of a culture shock, but I loved exploring the French Quarter, listening to artists on the street, and trying amazing food. If you ever have the chance I encourage you to explore the city. Magazine Street in NOLA is cool, too and it’s right new to AHS’ Coven House. Make sure to check out Café du Monde!

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