January Favorites

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I haven't done of these for a while, so I decided to roundup some of my favorites from the past month. I really encourage you to write, medicate, and drink some tea, because I've found it really relaxing. I write a few times a week and I love it. Also get out and explore! Life is short so we need to get out and explore our towns and cities.

High School Musical - January 20th marked the movie’s 10th anniversary. My generation grew up fantasizing over a relationship like Troy and Gabriella’s. It told us that we shouldn’t stick to the status quo, that we need to get our head in the game, and that we should break free. We watched the stars evolve from teen-boppers to super stars and we’ve never been so grateful for such a great cast.

90210 – Living in LA makes me love the show even more. I try to re-watch it once a year, and I happened to do that in January. 90210 has five glorious seasons, filled with drama, sex, friendship, romance, backstabbing and amazing shots of the greater Los Angeles area. Although I don’t love season one (you could probably skip it), seasons two through five are great. You’ll fall in love with Naomi’s bitchy-ness, Silver’s creativity, Liam’s hotness, Annie’s personality, Navid’s kindess, Dixon’s loyalty, Adrianna’s voice and so much more. If you liked The O.C. or Gossip Girl, you'll love 90210.   

The Bachelor The Bachelor is back! I know what you’re thinking. “It’s so basic. It’s so dumb.” Both are true, but it’s also extremely entertaining. I like to do my homework while watching the show, but others make it a big Monday night event. Ben Higgins is the current bachelor just trying to find love. So grab a big wine glass full of red wine, get some cheese and crackers, and enjoy a classy Monday night in.

Dresses – You’ve probably heard the 2013 hit “Sun Shy” on the radio. Dresses is an indie-pop duo from Portland. Their songs are happy and catchy – perfect for a road trip or a day at the beach. I just rediscovered them and fell in love all over again.

The Mowgli’s – With the Jungle Book live film coming out soon, you better stand listening to this indie band named after the character. They have really upbeat music to jam out to and it reminds me of summer. Listen to “I’m Good” and “Whatever Forever.”

Baseball Caps – There are days (OK, everyday) when I don’t want to be seen on public. That’s where the baseball cap comes in. It comes with most outfits and is perfect for a bad hair day, keeping the sun out, or going incognito. Wear one with a cute saying, a sorority, or the basic Ralph Lauren polo hat.

Patches & Pins – Deck out your denim jacket like it’s the ‘90s with fun patches. I covered mine with London patches and an old gas-station name tag that reads Carol. There’s also cool emoji pins on Etsy that are really rad. It’s an easy way to dress up an old denim jacket.

Denim – I’m really falling in love with denim these days. Whether it’s a denim hat, dress, jeans, or jacket, I love it. I wish I was adventurous to wear denim on denim, but for now I’ll just wear separate pieces.

Urth Café – Very basic LA, but it’s extremely delicious. I forgot how good this place was. The food has typical LA prices, but the drinks are quite pricy (but really good – get the vanilla honey latte). It has great breakfast and lunch, so go for either (or both).

Green Tea – Beside the numerous health benefits, this also has caffeine to help us weary college students stay awake. I’ve been drinking less coffee lately, so now I drink more green tea. It tastes great with a dash of honey.

Food Lab – It’s trendy and tasty. It’s reasonably priced if you don’t get the bottle juice (it’s about $9 per bottle). You can get a free coffee if you follow them on Instagram, and their vegan salad is amazing.

Rice Cakes – Oh, these are good. I eat one or two for breakfast or a snack and smother it with peanut butter and bananas. It’s relatively healthy and quick.

Runyon Canyon – A nice hike right in West Hollywood. It’s a mile away from the touristy LA street with Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame. But it’s also by good places for lunch. The hike isn’t bad at all (I suck at hiking and I barely broke a sweat). It has a good view of LA and is a nice break from the crowds.

Griffith’s Observatory - Griffith not only gives you a great view of Los Angeles, but also, the Hollywood sign. You can learn about space inside the observatory, look through telescopes at night, or embark on a hike on one of the many hikes the observatory offers. You can even hike behind the Hollywood sign. Difficulty may vary.
Santa Monica - Santa Monica is great for shopping, but not much else. Although many rave about 3rd Street Promenade, which is basically an outdoor mall, Main street has unique shops and restaurants. Go to Urth Café on Main street if you want to feel basic, or feel like a local and go The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Amoeba Music - Go back in time and find your favorite record, tape, or CD here. It has old and new music for every type of music-lover. It’s a real-life Empire Records that will bring you back to the good ‘ole days. (Can be found on Sunset Avenue).


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