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Hello lovelies! Long time, no see (I swear I say that every time…). I’m so sorry for being inactive, but as usual, life and Netflix have gotten in the way of blogging. I have good news, though! My first semester of university is over and I can officially say that I survived finals, rush, living in a suite, and didn’t spend all my money so life is good. College has taken over most of my life, and since I will have a job and 18 units next semester, I’ll be writing posts in advance so that I can post them weekly. Currently I’m on break so I have had plenty of time to sit and write…and order last-minute holiday gifts. If you, like me, didn’t notice that it was almost Christmas, then you’re in luck because I’m giving you some last-minute gifts ideas.

 For the Reader & Writer:
  • Notebook: what’s a writer without a pad of paper? Don’t let your friend forgot his/her great ideas. Sure, your friend probably has more notebooks that he/she needs, but who can resist these notebooks from Anthropologie? In the words of my dear friend, “you can never have too many journals.”
  • Love Poems by Pablo Neruda: I’ll be honest, I only bought this book years ago because it was mentioned in the adorable-but-predictable novel Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins that melted my heart and gave me butterflies. Anyways, Pablo Neruda is a genius. His words are beautiful and inspiring, and each poem is written twice – once in English and once in Spanish. This is a great stocking-stuffer or gift for a friend or family member who loves to read and write. 
For the Dreamer:
  • Flash tattoos: For the friend who always says she wants a tattoo but is non-committal. These are more for summer than winter, but they add to any outfit and make you feel like you’re at Coachella all year long.
  • Firefly lights: Get lit this Christmas with some firefly lights. These are great for adding light to the bedroom or dorm room (if they’re allowed) so that your friend can feel like the fairy princess she really is.
  • Double Rainbow Maker: Similar to firefly lights, the double rainbow maker brings the rainbow indoors. It attaches to a window and with help from the sun, little rainbows will appear all over the room. 
For the Artist:
  • Adult Coloring Book: Sounds sexual/kinky but I swear it’s not. Head over to your local bookstore and pick up some markers to embrace your inner child. It’s a good stress reliever or something to do on a long plane ride. My favorite? Doodle London.
  • Micron Pen: Great for doodling, writing, and drawing. I used to “borrow” these from school and had a massive collection (Sorry Mr. Schell). They’re amazing for sketching, or I use them with watercolor paints. They come in different sizes, so I recommend getting size .3.
  • Stabilo Pens: Also great for writing or drawing. They’re expensive ($10 for a pack of 10) but really great for doodling. I’ve seen people use them for underlining reading or writing, but I personally just like to draw with them. 
For the Musician:
  • Mixed CD: Remember the early 2000s when everyone made mixed CDs for one another? Give the gift of nostalgia this year by putting your friend’s favorite tunes on a ~vintage~ CD. Bonus points if you put some Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter, or Destiny’s Child on it. 
  • Vinyl: (Only if your friend has a record player). Go thrift shopping (or to your local Urban Outfitters) and grab your friend a fun vinyl. Go through the $1 bins and grab some obscure records, or spend $20 on the new Adele record. Either way, who doesn’t love to get a vinyl as a gift?  
For the World Traveller:
  • Scratch Map: For the friend who’s always jet setting around the world, give her a scratch map so that she can remember all the places she’s travelled to. (You may want to include a quarter with this gift so that she can scratch off the places she’s been).
  • Citi X 60 Guides: This book will “guide you through the favorite spots of local artists and creatives.” It’s full of unique things to do in the city, such as galleries to visit, entertainment, and parks to see. It’s a great pocket guide for exploring well-known cities that doesn’t feature typical touristy things to do.
Other Gifts:
  • Pizza String Lights: For your basic friend or family member, you can’t go wrong with pizza string lights. They’re a fun decoration that will add character to any party or dorm room.
  • Retro Graphic Shirt: Urban Outfitters has the best graphic shirts. If your friend is a pop-culture fanatic, give him/her the gift of a graphic t-shirt. My favorites: The Holiday Armadillo, Boy Meets World Cast, and this Dazed & Confused tee.

Good luck with your last-minute gifts and happy holidays!


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