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So once again, life and motivation got in the way of blogging. I can’t really remember what I’ve been up to other than studying and eating a lot of ice cream, but I’ve been too busy/lazy to write this. Perhaps it’s the fact that I finished all my homework (*self high five*) or the autumn weather that’s motivating me to write this. With loose-leaf David’s Tea in hand, I’m giving you my October Favorites.

Some Like it Hot – Honestly, shout out to my first year seminar teacher for showing movies every Wednesday. A few weeks ago, we watched Some Like it Hot, a 1959 Billy Wilder film starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon. Going into the film, I thought it was going to be insanely boring, but I ended up falling in love with the plot and characters. The movie is about male two musicians, who, while running away from the mob, join an all-female band disguised as women and fall in love. It’s a romantic comedy that, fifty years later, is still hilarious and up-to-date. Save this movie for a rainy day and you’ll thank me later.
The OC – Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that The OC is now available to watch on the CW Seed. Before there was Gossip Girl, there was The OC, which featured the geeky, comic-book-loving heartthrob, Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) and the ever-smoldering Ryan (Ben Mackenzie). The show focuses on Ryan’s adjustment to life in the OC after he’s taken in by a rich family and becomes part of the upper-class society. This show is funny, heartbreaking, and dramatic, so make sure your grade is stable enough that you can binge watch the series everyday.
Rooney – I’m pretty sure that I’ve featured Rooney in my favorite before, but after binge-watching The OC, I had to include them. We all remember Michael Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries, right? Total babe. Well, he’s the leader of Rooney and super talented Robert Schwartzman. I bet he stills plays with M&Ms on his keyboard. Rooney no longer exists –insert fangirl cry here- but you can still listen to “I’m a Terrible Person,” “Blueside,” “I Can’t Get Enough,” “I’m Shakin,” and “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” on repeat. 

“Uptown Girl” by Bill Joel – This song has been stuck in my head for the past week and it’s sort-of-kinda amazing. The first time I heard it was during the film Trainwreck (I know I suck) and ever since I’ve loved it. It’s catchy and I can’t help but dance when I listen to it. If you haven’t heard it, or forgot how great Billy Joel is, listen to it ASAP.

Faux-Fur Denim Jacket – Whenever I put this on with my combat boots I can’t help but feel like Bender from The Breakfast Club. Faux-fur denim jackets actually keep you warm and are a nice variation of the traditional denim jacket. It looks great with black skinny jeans and a white shirt, but could easily work with a mini-skirt and top. Bonus points if you get this from a thrift/used store (and find a Levi’s brandy one).

Black Jeans – I just got black jeans. I know that they’re a staple and all, but it’s no secret that I hate jean shopping. The last time I owned black jeans had to be middle school, which is pretty sad. I just bought a pair from Madewell, my favorite jeans store that gives 15% for students (we take what we can get, right?). The jeans are pricey, but totally worth it. They don’t stretch out much and are–get this—made well. Black jeans go great with ankle boots, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket, or can be dressed down with sandals and a flannel.

Leopard/Cheetah Print Jackets – Every time I go shopping I see these jackets and I have to look at the price to stop myself. I think I love these jackets because April wears one in Palo Alto, but they’re cute for a party or night out with a black shift dress and Docs. If you can find a cheap one, grab it and buy it for me. These dress up any outfit and will wow everyone at your next holiday party.

Toppings – If you live in the Pacific Palisades/Santa Monica area of LA, you better get some Toppings. I know that “fro-yo” is, like, sooo 2009, but Toppings is delicious (and one of the few desert places around me, k). Toppings have every flavor of frozen yogurt you want, from green-apple tart to honey Greek yogurt to cinnamon. They also have every topping imaginable. Cocoa Puffs, jellybeans, candy rocks, Nutella, and so much more. The twenty-minute drive is the only reason I don’t go every night.

Pinches Tacos – So good, my lovely taco how have I lasted so long without you? I could get everything off the menu. The tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tortilla soup, and Mexican street corn are all to-die for. Especially the corn, oh my gosh. I scared everyone away while eating it but it was delicious. They have multiple locations around the Los Angeles area so go grab some amazing Mexican food.

Mickey’s Not-So-Spooky Halloween Party – Sometimes you just gotta pack up and go to Disney for a night. If you’re in the LA area around Halloween I would recommend going to Disneyland. Tickets are cheaper than normal ($77) and you can be in the park from either 3 or 4 to 11 or midnight (depending on the night). The rides have no lines because everyone wants to go meet the villains and get candy. I didn’t even need to buy food because they gave out free vegetables and candy, which was pretty great. Space Mountain is also scary during this time, and The Haunted Mansion is decked out with Christmas decorations. There’s also a great parade and fireworks, as well as special Halloween food and merchandise.   

Skylight Books’ Book Signing– What do you do when you have no plans on Halloween? You go to a book signing, of course! Tavi Gevinson and company read aloud from Rookie Year Book Four, the last Rookie book, and signed for everyone. Since the signing was in LA, Tavi brought a special guest, Amandla Steinberg, who played Rue in The Hunger Games. They talked about cultural appropriation, Kylie Jenner, and showed some friendship goals. Honestly, these two are the cutest and are just amazing. They are perhaps my favorite feminists because they bring women together and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone.

Melrose Trading Post – If you’re a savvy, thrift-shop-loving person like me, you’re going to love the Melrose Trading Post. It’s open on Sunday at Fairfax High School from 9am-5pm. There’s an entry fee to get in (which I think is $3) but it’s worth it to get great deals on clothes, old Doc Martens, furniture, nick-knacks, and jewelry. There’s everything you could ever want, and it’s fun to spend hours looking around at everything.

London – So I haven’t been to London for three years, but it’s on my list because I will be living abroad all year in London next year.  It’s been my dream to live in England ever since I was young, so I’m happy to announce that I will be living there! Although I love Malibu, my heart belongs in England and I must go.  

      Till next time,

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