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Long time, no see. University has been a whirlwind of experiences that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath and just breathe. I meant to post once a week on here, but as you can see, I missed my goal. Between figuring out classes, homework, making friends, rushing, joining clubs, and exploring LA, I feel as if I never have time to myself. I find myself constantly surrounded by my suitemates (perhaps the best people at Pepperdine), constantly laughing or complaining about class together. But for once, today, the suite is empty and I have time to reflect and make a new blog post on my September favorites. California is now my home, and I want to share all my new favorites with you.

Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List – an iTunes exclusive (and only $10). I was lucky enough to win a contest to attend the screening and meet Victoria Justice, Pierson Fode, Leon Thomas III, and Lucas Gabrielle. No Kiss List is about two best friends, Naomi and Ely, who are best friends living in New York. While Naomi is in love with Ely, Ely is into guys, so they created the No Kiss List to prevent a rift in their friendship, however that changes when they both fall for the same guy. This is the perfect film for a girl’s night in. Be ready to laugh, swoon, and cry over the fact that Pierson Fode is too beautiful for this world. (Also, fun fact: the movie is an Indie film and was shot in 21 days).

Big – Every Wednesday I have my freshman seminar, which is: A Hero’s Journey Through Film. Every week we watch a movie in class about a hero (past films have included The Wizard of Oz and When Harry Met Sally). This week we watched Big, the story about a thirteen-year-old who wishes to be big. He ends up becoming thirty-years-old and begins working for MacMillan Toy Company where he tests toys and falls in love. Starring Tom Hanks, this film reminds us to be young for as long as we can and to bring out our inner child.

Years & Years – Olly Alexander, my love, has the most amazing voice. Years & Years recently debuted their new album, Communion, and I can’t get enough. Turn up the volume in your car and blast the music on your way to work, or throw a dance party in your room. Trust me, Years & Years will be your new favorite band after you listen to King, Desire, and Breathe.

Mac Demarco – I’ve only just discovered Mac, but he’s fantastic. Ode to Viceroy, Blue Boy, Let my Baby Stay, and The Way You Love Her are perfect for chilling and studying. They feel like the end of summer and are perfect for crisp fall day. So soothing and relaxing and are great tunes for hammocking and eating pizza at the beach. 

Rainbows – I don’t know how I lived without Rainbows for so long. Everyone on campus has a pair of these overpriced but amazing flip-flops. Made out of leather that molds to your feet, these shoes last for years and are perfect for class or the beach.

Denim Jacket – Tie it around your waist and you’re ready to go. Versatile and casual, denim jackets are a staple piece in any wardrobe that complete any outfit. Work denim-on-denim, pair with a dress, or roll up the sleeves and pair with cutoff Levi’s black shorts.

Bralettes – I didn’t own a bralette before coming to Pepperdine, and I don’t know how I survived. Who needs actual bras anymore when you have these bad boys? Pair with any shirt or dress and you’re ready to go. No annoying under-wires or fear that people can see your bra strap – make a statement with a bralette.

Sunnies – Channel your inner John Lennon and grab a pair of rounded frames. Perfect for a day in the sun or night out, you’re sure to make a scene by adding some serious nostalgia vibes.

Sunlife – When I walked on campus every other sentence I heard was “you haven’t been to Sunlife? You have to go!” Sunlife, for those not familiar with the Malibu area, is an overpriced (but delicious) smoothie bar. Rub elbows with Owen Wilson or Orlando Bloom as you wait to order your pressed juice, smoothie, or acai bowl. Expensive? Of course. Delicious? Always.

Omelets & Breakfast Foods – I rediscovered my love for these bad boys.  College food is not the best, or the healthiest, so I try to grab an omelet for breakfast with a side of fruit. Filled with veggies (spinach, onions, peppers) and garnished with cheese and salsa, I could never get tired of this wonderful breakfast food.

Berries – It’s rare when I get to have strawberries or blueberries anymore. College campuses tend to serve melon, grapes, and pineapple because they’re cheap, so I really miss snacking on my favorite berries. Don’t take berries for granted – they’re packed with vital nutrients and vitamins. Pack them in a smoothie, garnish on top of oatmeal or yogurt, or munch on them as a snack; you’ll thank me later.

Pumpkin – Trader Joe’s started selling their fall food. Pumpkin is the mascot of fall, so be sure to grab some pumpkin spice tea, granola, coffee, or oatmeal while supplies last. Be basic and enjoy classic fall food.

Malibu Country Mart – So beautiful, yet so expensive. Spot stars (such as Orlando Bloom, Gerald Butler, and the Kardashians) as you window shop at stores you wish you could afford (Urban Outfitters is the cheapest store there, along with Sephora). Grab some Chipotle (cheapest eat) or coffee from Malibu Kitchen and people watch. You’ll be sure to see celebrities at Wildfox, Intermix, Alice & Olivia, All Saints, and Planet Blue. You can also enjoy the Keith Haring sculpture in the park or grab an expensive dinner at Mr. Chow. A great hangout for a Sunday afternoon, and I recommend grabbing coffee and people watching.

El Matador Beach – Zuma’s great at all, but El Matador is spectacular. Hidden coves, rock formations, and steep steps line the shore, and you can expect to find photographers snapping engagement photos. Bring a blanket and picnic and come at sundown for a spectacular sunset. Also, since El Nino is coming, the water has been warm so surf’s up!


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