What To Do If You Hate Your New Hair Color

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So you just left the salon and hate your hair, huh? Don't worry, we've all be there: fighting back tears until we get in the car, only to cover our new 'do with a hat. I feel your pain, but you shouldn't have to live with hair you hate. Here's what to do if your hair doesn't turn out how you want.
Hair is the first thing I notice when I look at someone. The cut, the color, the style. I've been protective of my hair ever since I had a bad haircut (pixie cut in 6th grade, not the best choice). My hair is my favorite feature, but it's the one I take risks with the most. When I hate my hair, I want to cry. It's part of how I express myself, and if it's not working, I feel like I can't be my true self. 

Here's the stitch (411, scoop - call it whatever you want): Last week I went to get my hair dyed. I was going for a subtle ombre/ecaille that was carmel colored. I was hoping to get a look similar to Jessica Alba's hair (see here), but what I got was awful. While my mom complimented it and said it looked "nice," I was holding back tears. My hairdresser, instead of painting on the dye, did it in pieces, and she missed a few chunks of my brunette hair. Instead of getting a warm carmel color, I was given beige. However, when I turned around in the chair I decided that the salon lighting was affecting the color and I hesitantly paid and went home. Once I got home, I was devastated. I had bad haircuts before, but never a bad coloring job (I've only had ombre). I wasn't sure where to go from there. I hated my hair and it was "permanent." I paid good money for hair I hated and while it's just hair, it mattered to me. 

I decided to wait a day and see if I liked the color when I woke up. As you can guess from the title of this article, I was still unhappy. I anxiously called the hair salon and expressed my concerns as nicely as I could without shouting "I HATE MY HAIR!" I was able to get an appointment that afternoon and it was free of charge because the stylist messed up. She dyed more pieces of my hair (but still left a few brown pieces in there...) and used a toner to adjust the color. I left happy, as it was better than before, but once I got home I was in tears. The hair still looked nothing like the picture I had showed; I just wanted my old hair back. My mom advised me to keep the hair, but because I'm heading off to university in two weeks, I needed to fix my hair before I picked up and moved to a new city. I decided to go back to my natural from an ombre (but I did not want to dye my roots). I kept the hair for a week but scheduled an appointment at a different salon. I wasn't sure if I should go back (again) to my old hairdresser, but decided against it because I hate confrontation. I went to a new lady at a different salon who listened to my concerns and was able to give me back my old hair without dying the roots. I am now happy with my new hair, but it wasn't easy to get it back. Before you dye your hair, think about if you actually want that color - really think it through because while hair dye isn't permanent per say, it can damage your hair. However, if you currently have an unsatisfying hair color, follow these steps to fix it. 

1. Speak Up

As I mentioned, I hate confrontation, but it would have saved me time (and money) to say that I wasn't happy while I was still in the chair. If you look the mirror and the color is off (if they did the color right but you don't like it that's a different story) SPEAK UP. Mention it (nicely) and say something like "I'm sorry to do this to you, but I asked for a more ____ color, do you think you could do that?" or "you did a great job, but it's not what the picture I showed looked like." Avoid using specifics like "I wanted a more honey color" because your idea of honey tone could be different than theirs. Just be specific and nice - they are handling your hair after all. If they don't have time to fix it then, go home and wash it. Red and brown shades will fade after a few washes.

2. If You Didn't Speak Up 

If you, like me, didn't speak up, you still have options. Go home and think it over - do you like the hair in natural light? Is it still off? If you decide you're still unhappy, call. I recommend going back again; everyone deserves a second chance. Say something along the lines of "Hi I was in yesterday with _____ and I'm unhappy with how my hair turned out. It just doesn't look like the picture I showed and it's too _____. Does he/she have any openings soon?" Your second appointment (if it's their fault) should be free.

3. If You Still Hate Your Hair
If you gave your stylist a second chance and are still unsatisfied, go somewhere else. It will cost more, but after two tries you're probably unsure about your stylist and they could make your hair worse. Ask friends and family for recommendations or look online and read reviews. I'm sure there's someone out there who can help!

Other Notes:
Before you dye your hair, make sure you have a picture of what you want. The consultation is insanely important. Make sure you're on the same page as one another to avoid all of this (you'll save time and money). Consult, consult, consult!

I hope you found this useful. Hair is a personal thing and although your friends might compliment your new color, it only matters if YOU like it.

Love always,


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