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Fern-weh, noun, orig. German
A desire to travel, a longing for far-off places; being homesick for a place you've never been.

Hello! Or perhaps I should say welcome to version 2.0. I started my previous blog (Carolinedwards) in February of 2014 and lost motivation. I didn’t find my niche, per say. I didn’t know what kind of blog I wanted to be – I still don’t, for the record, but I’m hoping to figure that out on the way. I felt trapped in my old blog, and the host I was using (Weebly) wasn’t what I wanted. Thus, I began working on version 2.0 – Das Fernweh.

Fernweh, or rather, "Das fernweh" has no direct English translation, but basically it’s the opposite of homesickness. Fernweh is a German word that has a similar meaning to wanderlust (also German). It means to have a desire to travel, or a longing for far-off places.  For many, fernweh is when you leave your home and discover new places, cultures and lifestyles. As an incoming college freshman at Pepperdine and self-proclaimed world traveller, I couldn't think of anything better to name my blog. It’s a beautiful word with a great meaning and perfectly describes my love for exploring and being in love with cities I’ve never been to.

As I embark on my next adventure, I will be updating Das Fernweh more often than my previous blog. My current plan is to update one a week with reviews, journal entries, favorites, places to go, photo diaries, and more.

 I’m really excited to venture out into the world (where I’m sheltered at college) and see where life takes me; thanks for coming along.

Love always,

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Current Book List

  • Pillow Thoughts
  • Milk & Honey
  • This Modern Love
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Looking for Alaska
  • One Day
  • Me Before You


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